Match report by Somnath

It wont be an over statement to say this match proves the emergence of BCC in the past few years. We have seen Ubhaynath changing match with his bowling, Kalith winning matches single handed, some determination, some grit shown by the team overall this session.

But what we witnessed on 28th Sep was a landmark. BCC was really down at 60-9 at one stage but Ravi alongside Yanick made sure we are not out. A player who really started playing cricket with any hint of seriousness only a few years ago showed what determination, skill and patient learning can do.

BCC won the toss and elected to bat on a lovely day. Fresh from their 5 over match success, they thought they are still playing the same format and at one stage were in the danger of being finished off in single digit over’s.

Except Roshan (21) none of the top eight batsmen got to double figure. Agreed, we saw some great catching by WCCC but that’s no excuse as a top order batsmen one must learn how to hit the ball along the ground rather than hitting loose deliveries in the air and hoping it goes in the gap.

James gave us all some hope with a first ball 6 over mid on but then succumbed to a wide ball (stumped out) for 12. Stage all set for Ravi and youngster Yannick (3 n.o. who faced importantly 24 balls) who added 76 in 12 overs.

Ravi managed to hit 8 four’s and 2 six’s to compile his career best of 61 off 57 balls. I think that innings must have created that element of doubt in the opposition. Someone important said after Germany beat France in 1982 semi’s ‘if a team can’t close a game after having lead 4-2 in first half of an extra time in a world cup knock out game they never going to win it in a penalty shoot out‘.

Maybe I can boast a little bit and have my own quote here. If the bowling side cant break the last partnership for 12 over’s after having gotten first 9 wickets in first 15 overs can never chase a run rate of 3 an over to win it.

So after a standing ovation, a bit of sandwich, chicken korma magic (courtesy Ballu), WCCC started their innings with their regular number 10 and 11 bat (some complacency!!). I believe fielding has same inductive effect as heat or cold. BCC surely got inspired and motivated to do better after seeing WCCC field early on and of course a game changing innings from our own Ravi.

Ravi and Ballu both got a wicket. Ravi (4-2-8-1) was definitely carrying on his confidence from batting performance in bowling as well. He definitely bowled much better line than usual. Not offering much width to batsmen. There number three, four and five were proper batsmen but again some excellent bowling by Kalith (4-1-6-3) and Ubhaynath (5.2-2-12-3) made sure there are no scares. Yoges chipped in with couple of wickets as well. WCCC was bundled out for 57.

Once again it was an extra ordinary performance from a player who have worked extremely hard on his cricket over the years and surely BCC has a bright future with young guns like Ravi in the club.